Sunday, September 9, 2007


I cannot even use the compose mode in the blogger editor!


Sorry for any inconvenience, but once you are there....just bookmark me or use a feeder.

Hugs, Ruthie

Freebie List For September, 9, 2007

Well I promised I would get you more today but I had hoped to get it to you sooner! Don't you know just when you think you can get something done, the phone rings off the hook and you get unexpected company! Well, that's what happened to me today and I only got up at 12:00 noon:)LOL. But even at that I only slept 4.5 hours. They do say though, as you get older, you need less sleep. Do you believe that?

Blogger/Scribefire have done me in today! I am so PO'd. I just spent 8 hours doing a freebie preview list for you and this is all I got!

Something happened between the Scribefire Editor and the Post to Blogger. At least 80-100 freebies GONE!

I am so sorry for all the comments I have left everyone that I would be posting their freebies today, well they are lost in cyberspace! MY APOLOGIES IF YOU READ THIS!

I have always used Scribefire as an editor and never any problem, but I guess I won't be any more and I will not be using Blogger either. I will let you know where I am moving to.... I am very upset tonight!

Again my apologies everyone!

Please let the designers know I sent you and give them lots a love!!!

Hugs, Ruthie

Saturday, September 8, 2007

No Freebie List Today

I have been so busy today and it is 10:30 PM and I am still working on the list!

It was my grandson's BD party today, he's turning 4 on the 11th.

I had such a good time watching him, but felt sorry for him too.

He was riding his quad and flipped it and broke his arm 2 days ago and is in a cast! I personally don't want him to have a kid's quad! I think they are dangerous.

My sister's neighbours little girl (9 yo) was riding one at a family reunion and it flipped on her and she was killed instantly!

I don't understand why our adult children in this generation think they know more then we do and they just do what they want anyway. Don't we get 5 stars for our age and knowledge of life?

Whewww! I got that off my chest, now I promise I will have an extra big list for you tomorrow!

Hugs, Ruthie